The trend of having a survey when a property is bought and sold has changed over the years, simply put, to speed up the buying and selling process.  If you are considering purchasing a new piece of property, do your due diligence, and have a survey prepared.  Having a survey prepared will give you peace of mind.  The survey will show exactly what you are purchasing, even more importantly what you may not be receiving.  Depending on what type of survey you decide upon, you will learn where the property corners/lines lie, if there are any encroachments, and whether there are any building restrictions by the way of building setbacks and/or easements affecting your decision to alter the property.  No exception exists for not having an up-to-date survey as part of every real estate transaction.  Protect your investment and hire a licensed Professional Land Surveyor.

If you are considering putting up a fence or any other structure on the property, we strongly urge you to consider a boundary survey.  Many times homeowners and contractors believe they know where the property corners/lines are, and feel they do not need to hire a professional.  In some cases this may be true however, in most cases though it can lead to problems down the road since the individual is not a professional, and cannot accurately assess all of the complexities and unknowns involved in determining the location of the property lines/corners.  Having a boundary survey can save time, money, unnecessary trouble and headaches in the long run. A boundary survey prepared by an unlicensed individual is completely without value.

When important matters are at stake, hire the best professional for the job.  

Hiring a Competent Surveyor

All surveyors are not the same.  Krull Surveying recognizes it is difficult to distinguish between a good survey and a bad survey.  In fact, the two surveys may look exactly the same until a competent surveyor finds the error at a later date.  It is very important the surveyor does a thorough and competent job of surveying any property, and to do so requires a budget of sufficient caliber to allow for a complete and accurate job by following stringent procedure of research, collection of field date, computation and office analysis, drafting, and lastly the presentation of the survey.  Keep in mind a competent surveyor will take responsibility for the survey, and will produce a survey that will be defensible in court as well.  Krull Surveying is committed to a higher overall standard of care to protect the integrity of the profession. 
Determining if you need to have a survey prepared:
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Additional Field Notes

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